Tesia Nicoli


Height: 5'2"

Hair: Brunette

Eyes: Hazel


Location: Lehigh Valley, PA

Willing to travel

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The Eyes Have It                                       Lainie Davis (Lead)                              Global impACTORS Group

Master Pieces                                           Brenda Hobbs (Supporting)               Mushroom Clouds Production

Valentine’s Day                                         Pam (Supporting)                                 Allentown Film Crew

Hell’s Half-Acre                                         Nicole (Lead)                                         K Studios Production

Eavesdrop                                                 Extra/Production Assista                    Quixotic Endeavors

The Electric Fire Hydrant                        Tiffany (Supporting)                             Last Exit Films

White Wash                                               Gloria (Principal)                                  M3 Productions

How Slowly Dark                                      Magnolia (Lead)                                    Dean Romanchuk Production

The Apprentice                                         Kate (Principal)                                     Copper Hill Productions

Edgar Allan Poe’s Bere                            The Maid (Lead)                                    Mushroom Cloud Productions

Townies                                                      Catherine/Intern #2                            Neo-Pangea    



The Stage                                                   Host/VJ                                                  Service Electric/Blue Ridge Cable  

Health Watch                                             Jogger                                                   Network TV CBS, NBC

Forensic Files                                             Betty Gow (Principal)                         Medstar Productions/Court TV

Animal Spirit (Pilot)                                   Host                                                      Animal Planet

The Stage (Pilot)                                        Host/VJ                                                  WB

Local News/TV2                                        Weather Reporter                                Service Electric Cable TV

Medical Detectives                                   Medical Student                                  Medstar Communications/TLC

Medical Detectives                                   Hitchhiker                                             Medstar Communications/TLC



Enviro-Tech                                               Feature Role Homeowner                 ViaMedia

"The Right Environment"                        Feature Role "Julia" Hotel Mngr.      The Workshop, LLC

Miller Keystone Blood Center                On-camera Host (Teleprompter)      ViaMedia

ViaMedia                                                    Small Business Owner/Painter         ViaMedia

ViaMedia                                                    Small Business Owner/Plants           ViaMedia

Berks Technical Institute                         Student                                                 RM Squared

The Stage                                                   Host                                                       Service Electric/Blue Ridge Cable

Florida Technical College                         Medical Student                                  RM Squared

Pop TV                                                        Host                                                       Service Electric/Blue Ridge Cable



Almost, Maine                                          Marci                                                       Global ImpACTORS Group

Rabbit Hole                                               Becca Corbett (Lead)                            Global ImpACTORS Group

Motherhood Out Loud                            Ensemble                                               Global ImpACTORS Group

Spirit of Poe – Morella                             Morella (Title Role)                               Global ImpACTORS Group

“8”                                                               Kristen Perry                                          Civic Theatre

Abe Lincoln in Illinois                              Mary Todd Lincoln                                 Civic Theatre

The Vagina Monologues                         Ensemble                                                Civic Theatre

The Cider House Rules                            Candy Kendall (Lead)                           Civic Theatre

A Christmas Carol 2005                           Belle Fezziwig                                        Civic Theatre

Stage Door                                                 Jean Maitland (Principal)                     Civic Theatre      

Associated Mess (Comedy Troupe)       Ensemble                                                Theatre Outlet/Josh Neth

You Will Be Seated                                   Phaedra (Supporting)                            Theatre Outlet

Murder at the Class Reunion                 Mrs. Wydell (Supporting)                      The Ramada Inn

Evil Rules and A Period Piece                 Played various characters                    Theatre Outlet

A Christmas Story                                    Esther Jane Alberry                                Theatre Outlet



Deaflix                                                       Voice of Lauren Ridloff                           The Workshop, LLC

Curtain Speeches                                    Staged Plays/Theatre                              Global impACTORS Group

The Crew                                                   Voice of “April”                                         Rag Tag Riot - Animated Series

Pieces of Evelyn                                       Pre-recorded Curtain Speech                Global impACTORS Group

Be the Match                                            Training Course Updates                       National Marrow Donor Program

Transition                                                  Transition Course – “Leah”                     State of New York

Pre-Screen Routine                                  Employee Training Course                    Sun is Life

Sanitation (A Little Dirty Talk)                 Employee Training Course                    Sun is Life

Finance-based Marketing 1 & 2             Corporate Training Course                    The Dow Chemical Company

Be the Match                                            Training Course                                        National Marrow Donor Program

Hands-on Museum                                  Museum Information Guide                  Ann Arbor Hands-on Museum

Member Discounts Ap for iPhone         How-To Course                                         Ann Arbor Chamber

AccreditStation                                         Corporate Commercial/Demo               Whole Brain Group

Espresso                                                    Web Demo Course                                   Torrance Performance Solutions

Sandhill Cranes                                         Expo Demo                                               Torrance Performance Solutions

Communicating Kerry                             Corporate Course                                     Kerry Group

Analyzing Customers                               Corporate Course                                    Kerry Group

Fermented Ingredients                           Corporate Course                                     Kerry Group

Culinary Ingredients                                Corporate Course                                     Kerry Group

Savory Flavors                                          Corporate Course                                     Kerry Group

Dairy Proteins                                           Corporate Course                                     Kerry Group

Culinary Bases & Condiments               Corporate Course                                     Kerry Group

Fillings and Variegates                            Corporate Course                                     Kerry Group

Baked and Dough Goods                        Corporate Course                                     Kerry Group

Culinary Sauces                                        Corporate Course                                     Kerry Group

Compliance                                               Corporate Course                                     Kerry Group

Technical Education Overview               Corporate Course                                     Kerry Group

Decision Science                                       Corporate Training Course                     The Dow Chemical Company

Guide for Approaches                             Corporate Training Course                      The Dow Chemical Company

Guide for Segmentation & Targeting    Corporate Training Course                      The Dow Chemical Company

Segmentation                                           Corporate Training Course                      The Dow Chemical Company

Leader Guide – Cluster 4                        Corporate Training Course                      The Dow Chemical Company

Customer Value Management               Corporate Training Course                      The Dow Chemical Company

Branding                                                    Corporate Training Course                      The Dow Chemical Company

Managing with Metrics                            Corporate Training Course                      The Dow Chemical Company

Sustainability                                             Corporate Training Course                      The Dow Chemical Company

Beauty and The Bull                                 TV Pilot                                                        Patrick Kilpatrick Production

Image International                                  TV                                                                 K Studios

Macintosh College                                    Radio                                                            RM Squared

Arts & Crafts Festival/Lehigh Valley       Radio                                                            RM Squared

Platt College                                               Radio                                                           RM Squared

Berks Technical Institute                          TV/Radio                                                     RM Squared

Florida Technical College                         TV/Radio                                                      RM Squared



Greetings!                                                    Tom Dudzick                                             Global impACTORS Group

Almost, Maine                                             John Cariani                                              Global ImpACTORS Group

Over the River & Through the Woods     Joe DiPietro                                               Global ImpACTORS Group

Motherhood Out Loud                              Beth Henley, Michele Lowe, + more      Global ImpACTORS Group

Love Letters                                                 A. R. Gurney                                              Global ImpACTORS Group

Spirit of Poe: 13 Haunting Stories            Edgar Allan Poe                                        Global ImpACTORS Group



Papa Roach, Seether, Vertical Horizon, 3 Doors Down, Tantric, Godsmack, David Carradine, Matthew McGrory, Sid Haig, Julie Benz, Weird Al Yankovic, The Exies, Kitty, Breaking Benjamin, David Wain, Amy Miles, Ernie Hudson, Margot Kidder, Gunnar Hansen, Silvertide, Adema, Cassandra Peterson, Tiffany, Northern State, Flock of Seagulls, Flaming Lips, and Sonic Youth.


EDUCATION/CLASSES  Teaching Experience

Acting: On Camera Critique                             Acting Coach/Instructor                                 Independently Held

Auditions and Monologues Workshop          Acting Coach/Instructor                                 Independently Held

Acting: Cold Read Workout                              Community Education Instructor                 East Penn School District

Acting, Drama & Performance                        Community Education Instructor                 East Penn School District

Acting: Improvisation Basics and Beyond     Community Education Instructor                 East Penn School District

Acting & Drama for Adults                               Community Education Instructor                 Lower Macungie Township

Acting: Focus on Film                                        Community Education Instructor                 East Penn School District

Acting & Drama for Youth                                Community Education Instructor                 East Penn School District

Acting: The Play Experience                             Community Education Instructor                 East Penn School District



AfterWords Actors Studio                                Advanced Actors Intensive Class - Adam Ratcliffe 

AfterWords Actors Studio.                               Improvisation - Dan Maher

AfterWords Actors Studio                                Monologue Coaching - Adam Newborn & Timothy Allen 

AfterWords Actors Studio                                Scene Study Intensive – Adam Newborn

AfterWords Actors Studio                                Psycho-Physical Movement (Michael Chekhov Technique) - Timothy Allen

Global ImpACTORS Group                               Master Class in Acting: Character Development - Eric Hersh

Allentown Public Theatre                                 Alba Emoting Workshop – Jamie Mohamdein

Lehigh Carbon Community College               Interpersonal Communications – Dr. Dana Burnside   

Civic Theatre                                                      Adult Acting Class: Intermediate – William Sanders   

Civic Theatre                                                      Adult Acting Class: Introduction – William Sanders   

Theatre Outlet                                                   Master Class in Acting – Celeste Walker

Theatre Outlet                                                   Scene Study and Improvisation Workshops – Celeste Walker

Funkopolis                                                         Acting, Body, Movement and Gestures


Basic Dance

Basic Gymnastics

PA Driver's License

Adaptable to Most Accents

Painting and Drawing