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If you're looking someone to help your production run smoothly and efficiently, look no further than Tesia to help your company manage your project!  


She has been working behind the scenes in many capacities for film, television, video, theatre, voice over content, web series, and more. Tesia has a distinct talent for: producing, casting, location scouting, coordinating locations/venues, planning events, working within a budget, creating documents, scheduling, designing promotional materials, troubleshooting, and general organization. Her friendly, detail-oriented nature will win you over. With a passion for accomplishment, working with an energized team propels her toward every goal she sets. 


Tesia takes pride in her work and will do all she can to make sure your production runs as smoothly as possible from beginning to end! She is local to the Lehigh Valley, PA area. References can be supplied upon request. Please see a more detailed account of her experience below. 

Have some questions for Tesia? Contact her HERE! 






Global ImpACTORS Group, LLC, Lehigh Valley, PA

Executive Producer, Production Manager, Event Coordinator, Artistic Director,

and Managing Member……………………………………...……...........…….06/13 – present

  • Oversee all departments of initiating and supporting a staged or filmed production. Elect members and delegate to personnel, make artistic choices, and aid in all aspects of conducting business and producing shows.  



Thinner Than Water, March 2020

Three Fortunes, May 2019

Greetings, November 2018

The Tin Woman, May 2017

Almost Maine, September 2016

Proof, April 2016

Pieces of Evelyn, October 2015

Rabbit Hole, June 2015

Motherhood Out Loud, May 2015

Over the River and Through the Woods, November 2014

Motherhood Out Loud, May 2014

Love Letters, February 2014

Poe: 13 Haunting Stories, October 2013


Torn, December 2019 (Finalist, Top Five , and Best Writing in 100 Hour Film Race)

The Eyes Have It, December 2018 (Finalist in 100 Hour Film Race)

GIG’s Greetings Trailer, October 2018

GIG’s Charity Performance Goal Video, May 2017

Tin Woman Cast’s Embarrassing Moments, May 2017

Support GIG’s Charity Performance, April 2017

Global impACTORS Group – Who We Are, March 2017

Global impACTORS Group – What We Do, March 2017

Pieces of Evelyn Trailer, October 2015

Motherhood Out Loud Trailer, April 2015

Spirit of Poe Teaser Trailer, October 2013

YouTube Channel: The Acting Edge………………...…...............…….......07/12-07/13

Host, Writer, Coordinator, Editor

  • Educate YouTube viewers about acting and drama, common terms, acceptable approaches, and advice in the acting industry - both as a hobbyist and for those looking to expand into professional territory. The Acting Edge currently has over 48,500 combined video views and nearly 600 subscribers. 



Advice for Beginners, July 2013 

Audition Preparation, April 2013     

Getting into Character, February 2013

Relaxation, November 2012 

Cold Read Auditions, October 2012 

Audition Advice for Novice Actors, October 2012

Dealing with Rejection, August 2012 

How to Perform a Monologue, August 2012

Memorization, July 2012

General Audition Tips, July 2012

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