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Tesia Nicoli is an Award-Winning Writer

Please SCROLL DOWN to see some of her latest projects.

Torn Winner Poster.png

Torn was written for the 100 Hour Film Race and named a finalist in 2019. In February 2020, Tesia Nicoli won the honor of Best Writing for the Torn script. In addition to that, the short film was also named one of the Top Five Best Films in the contest out of 71 total entries. 

Three Fortunes White Border.png

Three Fortunes premiered with Between the Lines Studio Theatre and Global impACTORS Group on May 10-18, 2019. Buy the script on Amazon!

RW PQ Image 2.png

Red Wrench premiered with The Burlington Footlighters 2nd Stage in Riverton, NJ on April 5-12, 2019. This riveting play placed as a Finalist in five competitions across the country. Click HERE to read the full review!

Aaron Lainie Poster.png

The Eyes Have It was written by Tesia Nicoli for the 100 Hour Film Race in December 2018. She is also featured in the role of Lainie. The Eyes Have It placed as Finalist in early January 2019. Click HERE to view the online trailer and click HERE to see some behind the scenes footage. The Eyes Have It premiered on March 13, 2019 at The Strand Theatre in Marietta, Georgia.



Red Wrench*-               30-minute Sample Reading – Shawnee Playhouse, SOPS, 2016

                                       Readings – Global impACTORS Group, 2016, 2017         

                                       Workshop – AfterWords Actors Studio, April 2018

                                       Production – Set for April 2019 at Burlington County Footlighters 2ndStage, NJ     


Three Fortunes -            Readings– Global impACTORS Group, 2017, 2018         

                                       Workshop – AfterWords Actors Studio, June 2018

                                       Production – Set for May 2019 at Between the Lines Studio Theatre, PA



On Candleswick Avenue           Production – Jim Thorpe Players, Jim Thorpe, PA in 2011

Get Gone                                     Production – We Got Bills New Play Festival, Theatre Outlet, PA in 2003


HONORS                                                               *Red Wrench was previously titled, Crash Love

Red Wrench*-                                                                                       

Finalist, New Play Festival                                (Top 10) Centre Stage Theatre, SC                                  2018

Finalist, New American Voices                        (Top 10 of 450 entries) Landing Theatre Co, TX.           2018

Finalist, Old Red Barn Reading Series            (One of two finalists) Theatre on the Lake, WV            2018

Semi-finalist, Headwaters New Play Fest      Creede Repertory Theatre, CO                                        2018
Finalist, SOPS                                                      Shawnee Playhouse                                                         2016


Three Fortunes – 

Finalist, SOPS                                                     (Top Three of 50+), Shawnee Playhouse, PA                 2018



PROJECT                          COMPANY                                       HONORS /AWARDS                               DATE

Torn                                 Global impACTORS Group           Finalist, Top Five Best, and Best          February 2020

                                                                                                  Writing "100 Hour Film Race"

Chaos Dot Calm              Global impACTORS Group           (early edit)                                               March 2019

The Eyes Have It              Global impACTORS Group           Finalist "100 Hour Film Race"              December 2018

                                                                                                  Nominated "Best Screenwriting"


•      Member of Dramatists Guild of America

•      Freelance commercial writer with K Studios 

•      Freelance commercial writer with RM Squared Digital Media 

•      Recurring review column in Morning Call’s weekly publication: Merge 

•      Completed a fantasy youth novel 

•      Associates Degree in Communications and Professional Writing

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