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"Tesia Nicoli’s direction is crisp and keeps the momentum going within the battling family."

- Review of "Greetings!" The Morning Call, November 2018, Kathy Lauer-Williams

"Director Tesia Nicoli captures the right balance between the comedy and the complex personal relationships and rancor among the characters. She never lets the audience forget that beneath the discord there is still caring and love."

- Review of "Greetings!" The Lehigh Valley Press, November 2018, Carole Gorney

“Nicoli [did] a brilliant job of conveying a heartbroken mother while trying to put on a normal face from day to day. She delivered a very well thought-out performance, and it was a treat to watch each interaction she shared with the other characters.”


- Review of "Rabbit Hole," LV Stage, May 2015, Sarah Thomas



“The direction by Tesia Nicoli makes excellent use of the space at the Macungie Institute. Ms. Nicoli and her cast expertly handle the emotional ‘swings’ of the material from rolling laugher during a Trivial Pursuit game to several teary-eyed moments. Everyone has moments where they are allowed to shine both comically and emotionally. She and her cast embrace the story with genuine warmth but also a frenetic energy that keeps us looking from one character to another to see what they may be up to even when they’re not speaking.”


- Review of "Over the River and Through the Woods," LV Stage, November 2014, Brian McDermott



“…the overall narrator (Tesia Nicoli) was just spectacular. The pacing was perfect, the nuances and emphases precisely where I wish them to be. Because the material is so dense, we really need that special voice: very credible, very clear, very warm. Remarkable job!”


- Compliment regarding Nicoli’s voiceover, the National Marrow Donor Program, February 2011, Senior Communications Specialist



“Tesia Nicoli as Nicole ties it together rather well, bringing believability to the absurdity of the story and the situations. Her determination to see this killer put down is all that kept me watching.”


- Review of "Hell's Half Acre,", April 12, 2008, Robert T. Trate



“The heroine, Tesia is a joy to watch…the movie is still fun when her ass-kicking commences.”


- Review of "Hell's Half Acre," May 28, 2008, Mike Manik



“Your class means a lot to me because, growing up, I was not encouraged to express myself.  After just two of your classes, I see and feel the change in myself.  I truly appreciate your class and hope you will give it again in the fall.”


- Comments regarding Nicoli’s "Acting, Drama and Performance" Class, March 17, 2008, anonymous student



“The early love scenes between Homer and Candy blossom and burst beautifully.”


“Tesia Nicoli’s Candy is a solid ingénue, a pleasant sponge.”


- Review of "The Cider House Rules," The Morning Call, April 18, 2006, Geoff Gehman



“Tesia Nicoli plays Candy, the love of both Homer and Wally’s lives. This Candy tried to put up a brave front but often finds herself helplessly tangled between the two men.”


- Review of "The Cider House Rules," The Hearthstone Town and Country, April 19, 2006, Bill Thobaben



“Tesia Nicoli, who plays the maid, is the strongest performer in the cast. In essence, she carries the weight of being the audience's voice in the film; her scenes in the basement especially effective.”


- Online review of the film "Berenice," July 17, 2006, Jeremy Ebert



“…I'm aware of the budget used to produce it. Pass marks go to Trisha Hershberger in the eponymous role, Tesia Nicoli as the maid (I liked her a lot. Yum)…”


- Online review of the film "Berenice," Berenice Forums, May 13, 2006, “Tolstoy”



“[Get Gone] in particular was such a pleasure to watch and listen to. The writing was sharp, clever, witty, intelligent, etc. The entire piece was so complete, incredibly tight, and it flowed with such a wonderful rhythm.”


- Direct quote/review of Nicoli’s one act play, Get Gone, April 9, 2003, local actor Pat Kelly



“With [Tesia and I], we bounce off each other so well, it’s very smooth …and [we] just make it look very natural.” 


- Regarding The Stage TV show, Pulse Weekly, March 12, 2003, Chris Line



 “Tesia Nicoli’s Esther Jane, who hinders and helps Ralphie, is engagingly shy and peppy.”


- Review of "A Christmas Story," The Morning Call, December 11, 2001, Geoff Gehman

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