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Local to: Lehigh Valley - Pennsylvania - Allentown Area


Instructor: Tesia Nicoli


If you have a need to satisfy your acting bug – then you’ve found exactly what you’re looking for!  Join my email list to stay updated on when classes and workshops are offered! Whether you are new to acting or you're a more experienced actor looking to keep your skills fresh, there is something available for you!  This is one of the only places for affordable acting courses, private lessons, and workshops regularly offered.  Please inquire via email for more about these exciting opportunities! Please scroll down below to read about some of the classes offered in the past as well as testimonials from past students.  




   (temporarily unavailable during 2020) VISIT AFTERWORDS ACTORS STUDIO 

   For more information please email the "contact" section of this website.*  




Offered 1-2 times per year


Have you been told that you have the perfect voice for commercials and radio but have no idea how to start working in the field? If you are interested learning more about working in the voice over industry, then look no further – this class is for you! Learn more about what type of work would suit you best. Find out how to get started and what’s involved in voice acting. Within two comprehensive classes we will expand your knowledge, implement some valuable practice, answer those burning questions, and give you personalized advice from an industry professional. This class is certain to fill up quickly – sign up today!



Offered 1-2 times per year

Want to be a part of a play, but can’t commit to a crazy rehearsal schedule? Don’t have the time to memorize a ton of lines? Get a taste of the play experience for one weekend!  Join this class, get cast as a character, and play the role for at least three readings of a new script…


Experience acting and script analyzation on a level that is rarely offered. Join in on this exciting workshop as you get to play a character from a new full length play for three full readings over 8 hours. This is a valuable experience for any actor to gain experience while exercising your acting muscle!




Acting, Drama, and Performance This class is designed for both beginners looking to dabble in acting, as well as experienced actors looking for practice.  Students will be instructed on overcoming inhibitions, character building, monologues, scene work, improvisation, local acting opportunities, and much more.  Join us in this relaxed and fun atmosphere to build your performance skills.  At the conclusion of this course students should better understand how to: find local acting opportunities, relax their body and mind before a performance, flesh out character development, enrich scenes, prepare for auditions (with a cold reading and/or a monologue), and demonstrate refined acting skills for all facets of performance.

Acting: Improv Basics & Beyond 

It’s always beneficial to have some improvisation experience under your belt. While we don’t always have to improvise our way through a scene, sometimes it is a necessary skill when the unexpected happens. A huge misconception of improv is that you have to be funny. You don't. It can free your mind and help you to learn more about your character. The more you practice, the more comfortable you’ll become with it. You’ll find that improvisation will boost your confidence in acting, as well as in your everyday life. The best part? No lines to memorize! The goal in this class is to learn the basics: What is improv? How does it work? What doesn't work? How is it beneficial? No experience needed. Join us to learn improv from the ground up. (Or join us to expand on your knowledge of improv.) We’ll play fun games and perform stimulating exercises in a step-by-step process to illustrate how improv works. Relax, have fun, and laugh along with us on this engaging journey into acting with improvised material. You'll learn so much about improv, acting, and yourself! 

Auditions & Acting: Cold Read Workout Workshop 

The “cold read” is the most common method of auditioning. A cold read is when an actor is given a limited amount of time to get familiar with a portion of a script before performing it “cold” in front of an audition panel. In this workshop, we’ll learn more about breaking down a script quickly and how to approach the character with creativity and believability. Enjoy this unique opportunity and take on the challenge of acting with cold read material! During this workshop, you’ll get priceless feedback from your instructor and audience. No experience necessary. This workshop is designed for beginners as well as more experienced actors. This class includes handouts, cold read exercises, personalized critique from peers & instructor, character development tips, and a 15-minute break with light refreshments. 

Acting: Focus on Film is a one-night class where we will have discussions and scripts readings from our favorite films. Come prepared with a list of your top ten favorite films of all time and be ready to discuss them! We’ll talk about unforgettable characters and creative plot lines.  We’ll then vote on which films are the best among several categories. Bring along at least two copies of some dialogue from one of your favorite scenes. Please bring a pen, paper, your top ten list, and any scene you’d like to have the class read aloud. Ages 18 and up and limited to 14 students. 


Master Class: Acting for the Camera is a class designed for those with some acting experience. During each class we will work on acting techniques that will help actors make real connections to enhance characters they play in front of the camera. The goal is for the actor to get a deeper understanding of what “works” and what needs improvement when translating to the screen. The feedback from these classes canhelp actors in the field of film and TV work or while auditioning on camera. Most performances will be recorded so the instructors can more specifically point out what translates well and what needs work. Over the six-week span, each actor will be given up to five scenes to memorize. These scenes will be one to two minutes in total length and will be carefully chosen to fit the actor’s “type.” Advice, tips, and techniques will be suggested to further help the actor. The first hour of each class will cover acting tips, techniques, and exercises. The second hour of each class will mainly consist of comprehensive on-camera work. The actor will receive up to five fully edited copies of their scenes within a few days after each class to give additional perspective of their skills. This class is for experienced actors, or actors who have taken previous acting classes. Beginners are welcome to join in, but please inquire first.

Acting Drama & Performance: Technique and Character Development

Join us for this four-week course where we will uncover what it takes to build a solid character and performance. Learn how to make confident, creative choices that can create fuller, more believable characters. Explore character building through fun and relevant acting exercises. We’ll test out different acting techniques to flesh out your performances. We’ll also touch on: using space effectively, emotions and conflict, improvisation, communication, the value of listening, and more. This class is designed for beginners or experienced actors looking for more practice. Please join us in this relaxed and enjoyable environment to refine your acting skills!  Ages 18 and older only please. Please prepare a memorized 30-second to 1-minute (maximum) short monologue for the class. Enrollment is limited.




For Adults and Youth are currently offered for $45 an hour or $25 for 30 minutes during any time of year!  These lessons are geared toward your level of talent.  We’ll work as often as you’d like to enhance your abilities and fine-tune your skills.  Whether you want to work on a role/character, prepare for auditions, or simply want to learn about acting for fun – there are plenty of opportunities in private lessons!  These lessons are held in the western Lehigh Valley area and are scheduled at your convenience.  Ages 10 and up.  Kids are welcome for preparing for LVPA auditions (The Lehigh Valley Charter High School for the Performing Arts) as well as any other purposes or auditions.  A one-time $15 registration fee is charged and due for our first meeting in addition to the hourly fee. Please send an e-mail of interest.



Available for any company or organization These workshops are tailor-made to your desire.  While each workshop can encompass many areas of acting, some groups prefer certain focuses. Pricing can vary depending on various factors, but these custom workshops are more affordable than you may think! Please tell us a little about your needs and obtain more information through the "Contact Me" section of this website.  

Choose from the following topics:


  • Relaxation Techniques

  • Surviving Stage Fright

  • Acting Terms & Stage Directions

  • Emotions & Conflict

  • Character Development

  • Communication

  • Getting in Touch with Yourself

  • Listening

  • Voice Projection

  • Headshots & Resumes

  • Audition Info and Tips

  • Avoiding Scams

  • Dealing with Rejection

  • Memorization Tips and Techniques

  • Acting Methods

  • Creativity & Freeing the Imagination

  • Improvisation

  • Concentration

  • Using Space

Most topics can include a brief yet informative lecture followed by exercises that illustrate the points made in the lecture.  Any combination of the topics above can be incorporated in the workshop.  Once you have decided what topics to focus on, a flat price can be figured out based on how many hours you’d like the workshop to last and how many people will be in attendance.  If you have any additional questions about setting up workshops please feel free to send an e-mail to Thank you!




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